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These works are from all throughout my career, freelance, contract, and full time jobs. The pieces are either photographs of printed materials or images of the digital assets. Each piece was custom made for the client. Photographs are taken by me, unless otherwise noted on the piece. These pieces do not include any marketing plans or social media statics, as this is confidential information for the clients.

If you are looking for results, data, or marketing plans, please contact me directly and I can send over and RPF and I will write a proposal with documentation for you.

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These works are from either contest, competitions, or my own personal practice. The mediums range from photography, drawing, watercolor, painting, and anything else I can get my hangs on. Some pieces are one off and others are parts of mini series I create, normally ten and under in images.

If you are looking to have a custom piece made for someone, please contact me with details of piece, medium, and the time frame you are looking for.

View my portfolio to see the work