Double Tap to Show Some Love

What are you thoughts on Instagram's pilot for removing likes?

Alexa… An Anecdote

I was having dinner with a friend a few months ago who has an almost toddler, a newborn, and a...

Our First Selfie

Do you remember the first selfie you took?

When WiFi isn’t a utility, how do you create equity?

What do you do when the basic needs have shifted from food, water, and shelter to include WiFi?

Hello, this is a message from… *click*

Hello, this is a message from… *click*

How do you get messaging out to parents in an urban district?

Tech Toys: Then VS Now

STEM toys have always been around... or have they?

New Tools, New Tricks

When you have no sense of direction you use Google... but what happens when Google is wrong?

Social Babble

Welcome to Social Babble

Welcome to Social Babble, a learning and experience journey through the internet and social media from a 30-year-old view.

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