Accepting an Old New Style

I can draw. I’ve always been able to draw. In high school I had little characters I drew in the sides of my papers.

Learning To Be a Mentor

It’s an odd thing as you get older to realize that one day you may be mentoring someone at a job.

Welcome back to the 1970s?

Get your flapper shoes on and have a bee’s knees! Or… maybe we should be having piña coladas and putting on our wide leg pants.

Welcome Back

Starting next week I will be back up and running with blog posts once a week. Its been a while...

Vacation All I Ever Wanted

Creative burnout... you feel me?

I Always Feel Like… Somebody’s Watching Me

Ever wonder if someone is lurking on your social media.

Please Don’t Make Me Call on Someone

I never thought I would teach anyone.... anything.

Throwback to the first #admintechsummit

I never imagined I would be such a part of the larger social media movement at a work place.

The Problem with Privacy

My settings are private... but are they really private?

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