Please Don’t Make Me Call on Someone

Over the summer I’ve started teaching professional development classes at my job. It’s been such an experience that I just had to share, being a non-teacher, now teaching… teachers?

I am in love with teaching! I’ve always had a hard time with showing someone how to do something, which is what I equated to teaching. One reason why I chose not to go down the path of art teacher, I knew I would have a hard time and get too attached.

But teaching adults is so very different, it’s not what I imagined at all, and it’s so much fun. I’m currently teaching a marketing course in-person and a social media course all online. The marketing course is great. Each class I have had wonderful students, and while yes, no one ever wants to volunteer to talk, so far everyone has been participating. 

Last month I was able to experience a super great discussion with my small class and really have everyone pitch in to bounce ideas off one another to help one of the students create a more productive and positive workflow.

As well, I love the excitement I see when it clicks for them. I “get” marketing and branding; it all makes sense in my head. It comes to me like fonts, layouts, and colors do when I’m designing. So when I can see, as we walk through how to set up a basic marketing plan, getting the pieces in place, and it clicks, it’s so very rewarding. 

I never thought I would like teaching, but I think it could be my new favorite thing.