I Always Feel Like… Somebody’s Watching Me

Ever wonder if someone is lurking on your social media. While there is always the case of the accidental double tap on a photo from 6-months ago, Instagram was the king of stalking activity. Or was, up until a week or so ago. 

Instagram had a “followers” tab. This tab allows users to see their followers actions. So if you, let’s say, saw your boyfriend spending a bit to much time liking someone else’s photos. Or your friend says she busy, but then she’s all over instagram liking, commenting, and following. While it seems like a silly thing to worry about, but in the over-obsessed world of social media, it could cause someone to feel like they were being left out.

Instagram has gone and removed this feature, replacing it with explore tab. This tab allows easy access to see other Instagrammers you may want to follow, or content that you may be interested in seeing. The tab was actually introduced in August to many, but was officially announced as a takeover a week ago. 

Personally, as someone who once in awhile has a tendency to fall down a social media black hole, I find the tab a treat, refreshing, and also a recipe for hours of nighttime scrolling. While I appreciate the removal of the stalker-esque followers tab, this new one is putting an addiction tab in its place for some where they may end up in a 2AM downward scroll session.

What do you think?