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New job, New Brain, Who Dis?

Working everyday all day in a creative field can be extremely taxing.

What happens when your dreams come true?

A gallery for students, it can happen, and it did!

When it’s time to move on.

Change can be paralyzing. Yet, what makes someone look and go.. gosh, I need to move on.

Dust off the cobwebs… It’s time to present

Whelp, it finally happened. We are back back back again to presenting. One thing I know about myself is I...

Do Something That Scares You

Besides the whole world being a bit scary right now, it’s a saying to “Do one thing a day that scares you”

How to Keep Creative in Quarantine

But now that everyday is essentially the same, how can you be creative at work and at home, when you work at home and home at work?

Working from home: The struggle is real

Working from home: The struggle is real

But what does it really look like for a graphic designer to work from home?

Accepting an Old New Style

I can draw. I’ve always been able to draw. In high school I had little characters I drew in the sides of my papers.

Learning To Be a Mentor

It’s an odd thing as you get older to realize that one day you may be mentoring someone at a job.

Welcome back to the 1970s?

Get your flapper shoes on and have a bee’s knees! Or… maybe we should be having piña coladas and putting on our wide leg pants.

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