a little about..

Design by Mercedes

Hello friends. My name is Mercedes. I love to do create my own personal art. In my other life I work full time as a graphic design, photography, managing social media, training and educating schools on social outlets and marketing… pretty much everything from soup to nuts. 
I’m also a Pagan and have been practicing since I was roughly 16 years old. I’ve kept that side of myself normally to myself until this year, 2020. I realized while I’ve tried to mute who I was, not very hard, it’s better to show it off all the odd, spooky, witchy-ness that I am, and be comfortable in myself.
My art Is an expression of the things I love, the creepy, the spooky, and the helpful. Every item I’m making, alter pieces and tools, came from a necessity of something I wanted for myself.
Everything that will be in my shop relaunch are pieces that I love, wanted in my own house, and put to use in my own practice. So hello friends. I hope you enjoy my work and maybe I can help you find your own spooky witchy self.