• a little about..

    Design by Mercedes

    Design By Mercedes was born out of sporadic freelance projects over multiple years and a want to work as I please. Starting out with only one client and branching to now several clients and permanent contract potions, this little business has grown. Beginning as random odds and ends to an all in one creative and marketing shop for any clients needs, I do it all. With a drive and passion to make things better, cleaner, simpler with design, and make marketing fun, efficient, and understandable. The goal is to help clients not only solve a problem, but set them up for success with the solution.

    Always being in love with art, I took my passion full for going to RIT for my undergraduate. There I learned photography, graphic design, and print media. With my early jobs I was thrown into the world of social media and marketing, and I loved it, I wanted more! I began my masters in strategic marketing in 2014, graduating in 2016. Fully rounded in skill and educations, I love doing freelance work. I love my clients, the projects, and the joy from doing work for so many in different businesses. I really love feeling like I make a difference with my work.


    In my other life I work full time for the Rochester City School District doing graphic design, photography, managing social media, training and education schools on social outlets and marketing… pretty much everything from soup to nuts. 

    So what about you? Tell me about yourself?