Getting Started: From Zero to Morning Runner

Everyone who runs knows and raves about the benefits of morning running. It wake you up, you’re relaxed for the day, busy day don’t worry you already did your workout! But, you might be wondering, how do you get started? How do I get the motivation to wake up and get started?

Well, you don’t. Motivation only works for so long before it’s back to hitting the snooze button, sleeping in and missing your run for the day as a whole. So how do you keep going? By putting one foot in front of the other, well yes. But there can be some more to it.

What is your goal? Are you training for a marathon? Trying to lose weight? Just want to get your workout done in the AM? Define your goal. Mine, I want to lose weight to be healthier. I also want to control my anxiety and I know running helps level me out. When I set my alarm in the morning and it goes off and I feel compelled to hit that snooze button, I have to think for a split second, will this help my goal? Does sleeping in help me lose weight and will it help me manage my anxiety for the day. Nope. So I get up and go.

Now you might be saying, this is all to easy. You just say yes, this helps and get up. Well no, I’m human. I grumble, pout, and whine. How do I make it even easier. With planning and a schedule. I not only lay out my clothes for the next day of work, I layout my running clothes to at the end of my bed, along with shoes and socks. I pre-dowloand my podcasts I listen to so they are all set. I’ve already planning out my routes, and to make my brain happier, I’ve picked a time goal instead of a distance goal for the AM run. I know if I get up and go, how much time I also have to lay down once I get back if I wanted too. My breakfast and lunches are already packed, and while I get coffee at work, I do have a coffee maker that’s programmable, so I could have coffee waiting me when I get back. Lastly I make sure to check the weather to know what I’ll be getting into the next morning.

All of this does take a bit will, self discipline, and motivation. Yet, does this help me achieve my goal? That one little sentence. It’s helped. It’s helped so much that I ran a 10k on a Sunday morning without much prep, training or thinking (a story for another time).

So what is your goal?